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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Goodbye Incredimail

(I’m posting this on both of my blogs – The 24/7 Mom and Giveaway Chick – so any contacts might be able to re-email me if they need to get a hold of me.)

I won’t miss you at all.  I’ve been using Incredimail as my email client for something like 5 years, mostly because I love the option of inserting a graphic in my signature (my own actual signature).  They done did ticked me off bad.  (How’s that for grammer?)  Incredimail released a new version.  Incredimail 2.  I thought, I’ll download it.  Why not?  I’ve used Incredimail 1 for  a long time, never had a problem.  Let’s do it.

Downloaded it.  Installed it.  It was kind of buggy.  Some emails would freeze in my inbox.  I couldn’t get them to delete even after restarting my computer.  Ok, that’s not great. 

The part that really had me flaming mad was when I went to check on one of my emails in one of my folders.  I should preface this with I save everything.  I’ve got all of my receipts, both things that I have bought and things that have been bought from me, organized by year and month, by personal and commercial use (for things I have bought) all the way back to 2007.  Why?  1) Tax purposes.  2) In case there was every a question about commercial use tools I have used.  I can say here’s my receipt.  I bought it on this date from this store from this designer.  (For those who aren’t into digiscrapping, you probably won’t understand the meticulous care that I take with the receipts for my commercial use tools, but digidesigners will completely understand why I do it that way.)

So, I go to look at one of my emails in a folder and it’s complete gibberish.  Just a bunch of letters, symbols, numbers, etc run together.  Look at another one. Same thing.  Most of my emails are corrupt.  Dead.  Gone.  GRRRRRRRR.  Even emails that were in my inbox that I needed to respond to from before the update, dead and gone.  (So, if I owe you an email, you might want to email me back and tell me that I owe you an email because it just might be gone. :( )

That means too that though I’m behind on my Giveaway Chick blog that I won’t get updated from the days I missed because the emails that were saved in a folder are gone gone gone.  I’ll have to start fresh from today.  That makes me mad because not only did I lose all those updates, I lost some recipes I had saved in that folder too (because there are some mighty talented bloggers out there that have these delicious recipes, and now I don’t know who they were from.  *sniff sniff*

I am so mad at Incredimail.  It’s like they released a Beta version on us, calling it a new full version update.

And Incredimail does not make it simple to get your email messages out of their program and into another program, the whole reason I haven’t switched to another email client before.  You more or less have to buy a special program that will convert them.  If you’re using Incredimail and want to switch, I recommend Incredimail Backup Pro.  I did try using the trial to retrieve my emails that are trashed now and they were still trashed after running it.

So, goodbye Incredimail, hello Windows Live Mail.  At least I was able to retrieve my contacts from Incredimail.  They will let you export those to a CSV file.  Just not your messages.  It’s their way of making you stay with Incredimail. 

Now I have to set up all of my message rules all over again and I notice that I’m getting a lot of spam now.  I’m wondering if Windows Live Mail even downloads the crap in Gmail’s spam folder.  That’s not going to go over real great with me.

Ok, I’m going to go lay the kids down.  I’ll edit photos from the party later and get those up.  We had a blast.  The kids had their well child checks this morning too, so I’ll get that up also.

Oh, BTW in case you were wondering, Incredimail gets a big -


for releasing a product that obviously wasn’t even close to being ready for people who don’t want to be beta testers with their business emails.

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